Each and Every Individual Deserves to Have a Voice


I believe that the core concepts we need to focus on in order to bring lasting positive change to this community are the following:

Public Safety

  • Supporting our police, fire departments.

  • Addressing high-risk issues such as:

    • No needle exchange but, yes to detox and addiction recovery services.

  • Public encampments in our area are not only a housing problem they are drug, and mental health issues.

  • Immigration reform is need and becoming a sanctuary city would cause a humanitarian crisis in our community.

  • Proud 2nd amendment advocate.

Building Community

  • Revising Urban Growth Area laws (RCW36.70A) to better fit the needs of our growing community.

  • Ensuring every citizen of Kennewick has the opportunity and means to provide input to help enrich the community (easily-accessible video taped city council meetings and workshops).

  • Term limits for elected officials will increase effectiveness of the elected officials.

  • Utilizing parks and public venues for community-wide activities that promote social participation and engagement of Kennewick citizens.

Job Growth

  • Become a more small Business friendly community.

  • Focus on creating apprenticeships in three growing industries: health care, information technology and manufacturing.



Hi everyone, my name is Chariss Warner and I have been serving the Tri-Cities Community for over 10 years. To learn more about me and what I stand for, please click the button below.

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Photography provided by Caitlyn Ackerman and Chariss Warner